Why Devin Booker might have the best 3P shooting season of his career without a single change to his form.
The Suns made a few decisions on deadline day that impact how the team might look going forward. Let's discuss.
On the eve of Season 21/22, let's take a deeper look at the Suns pet set play & the many wrinkles Monty Williams has worked in.
Vol.3, Iss.3: The Off-Season Wrap Up Listen now (105 min) | Reviewing the Suns off-season to date, while previewing what might still be to come.
It may not be time to judge the Suns off-season just yet. Or quite possibly, even any time soon.
How Paul & Phoenix might use a loophole which Chris helped create, in order to reach an agreement that is best for both parties. Plus - what it could m…
With no time to relax, let's take a look at all the off-season questions for the Suns & what options they have available to them.
The Phoenix Suns can beat you in numerous ways. A look at how Game 1 forced a different defensive look in Game 2 but a similar result.
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