Vol. 2, Iss. 4: There's Too Much To Write About, So Let's Talk!


Special Times Call For Special Measures…..

Something different to discuss the start of the Suns season so far. If this your first time on the Newsletter page, please consider hitting the subscribe button below. Even if you are here simply as a returning 7SolPod listener, your support is much appreciated and there’s bound to be more in the future.

So How About A Podcast Special…….

I’ll keep this brief.

The Suns are 5-1 and there was far too much to jam into one normal Newsletter Issue for the first week back. So instead, Max McCauley and I reunited for a Special Edition of our old podcast.

We covered everything we felt was worth talking about and had a lot of fun doing so! All in a near 2 hour extravaganza, so plenty to keep you occupied until the next more traditional written Issue.

To listen - you can click the audio player on this page or through the YouTube embedded video below of you’d prefer. In the O.T section I have also included instructions to help you find it on your normal podcast player, if you like that better.

Below I have included timestamps in case you want to skip ahead and just so there is also a little bit of familiarity, I have also included some of my favorite clips from the first 6 games. There are all directly or loosely referenced in my chat with Max, so should be fun to follow along with while you listen.

Timestamps & GIFs

  • 59:45 - Did You Know?

YouTube Version


OT1 - Most of the GIFs in this Issue should be able to be saved and shared on Twitter, as I kept them all quite small. Feel free to use them, if you like.

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