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Vol.3, Iss.15: The Sixth Starter

With Devin Booker out, there's only one choice Monty Williams has when it comes to the starting lineup.

Back So Soon…..

Well, it wasn’t the plan. To be honest, not much has gone to plan so far for Phoenix in the Playoffs. But we return to the Newsletter with a video, taking a look at how the Suns can bounce back & still win the series against the Pelicans. Cast your eyes to the video above & click the little button below, if this is your first time checking it out.

The Cam Plan…..

No further words in this Issue, so it’s straight to…..


It will be a group effort to replace an All-Star like Devin Booker, so here’s some of my past work highlighting what some other Suns are capable of:

And finally, if you’d prefer to watch the above video on YouTube instead then here you go…..

The Four Point Play
The Four Point Play
The Four Point Play