Great work as always!

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Feb 14, 2022Liked by The Four Point Play

Really appreciate all the work you put in these! For me, its the best suns read on the internet... and that's coming from someone who really reads A LOT of suns-related content.

Loved the video breakdown. Hopefully it'll become a staple of these newsletters

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I really enjoy your content Dave! I LOVE it! As a fellow Aussie, and MAD SUNS fan I feel like you've captured a niche POV for the Suns fan base - I love the breakdown of set pieces you show (in both gif and video formats). I find that with my single team league pass account, and your recaps and breakdowns I get EVERYTHING I need to enjoy watching Suns basketball.

Do you need a cohost? I'd love to do the... "So what do you have for us today, Dave?" introductions. ^_^

Best Regards,


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Feb 16, 2022Liked by The Four Point Play

Finally got to it! Great stuff, actually I felt like I might have got more out of this one than any, not sure if it was that it was the video breakdown or actually me starting to understand it all better, either way credit to you so thanks!

As for another topic, wondering how the glut of Cs should shake itself out (even with Smith gone and Saric done for the year that's DA, JaVale, Bismack, Frank if he returns plus Torrey and even Ish who could play small-ball C.) Especially JaVale/Bismack, what does one provide that the other doesn't? JaVale looks like he's got a hold on the backup slot under normal circumstances but do you think that should be the case?

And question for the pod: If you could/had to bring back one player from sub-25-win teams (that year's version eg 16-17 Barbosa not 6MOY!) and add them to the current roster, who would it be? (I wonder if the popular answer is maybe not the best one?)

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Feb 19, 2022Liked by The Four Point Play

Finally got around to this and it was excellent as always! I loved the new video. Twin time is a fun new wrinkle. One note about the old gif format: I find the auto-looping gifs to be a bit distracting while I'm trying to read the text. Is there a way to only have them run when I click on them? That would make it easier for me to digest the entire piece. Thanks for all of the fantastic work you do!

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