Vol.2, Iss.20: NBA Finals Bound

The Phoenix Suns are on their way to the NBA Finals & this podcast is all about how they got there!


I cannot believe it…..

I picked an incredible first full season to cover with this Newsletter and am very excited Volume 2 isn’t over yet. If you are a new subscriber - thanks for jumping on board! If you are brand new - feel free to join everyone else by hitting that button below. Finally, it’s been a surreal couple of weeks as both a Suns fan but also with this Newsletter. So shout out to all the original subscribers for doing your bit!

Without Further Adieu…..

WE ARE BACK! Max and I dusted off the mics for at least the second last time, because our Phoenix Suns are into the NBA Finals. On this episode, we focus on reviewing the WCF and everything that went down against the Clippers.

05:00 - Quick Recap 
10:00 - 5 Stars
26:30 - 4 Stars
38:45 - 3 Stars
46:00 - 2 Stars
50:30 - 1 Star
57:30 - Did You Know?
1:04:00 - Honourable Mentions & Other LAC Notes 
1:27:00 - 7 Seconds Or Less 

Players discussed: Devin BookerChris PaulJae CrowderMikal BridgesDeandre AytonCam PayneDario SaricCam Johnson, Torrey Craig.

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