The Four Point Play
Seven Seconds Or Less
Vol.3, Iss.17: Ready For Round 2

Vol.3, Iss.17: Ready For Round 2

Recapping the hard fought Round 1 series win + looking ahead to the next battle versus Luka Doncic & the Dallas Mavericks.

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We Win, We Pod…..

As is now tradition - when the Phoenix Suns continue on in the NBA Playoffs, the 7SOL Podcast plugs the mics back in to record another episode. Max & I follow our favorite format; recapping the Pelicans series by dishing out 5 stars to the players who most deserve it & previewing the upcoming Second Round match-up versus the Mavericks. Plus, all the usual segments mixed in between. Hope you have as much fun listening, as we did while recording the episode. Enjoy!

02:50 - Recap Of The Series
07:40- 5 Stars
15:30 - 4 Stars
23:30 - 3 Stars
27:30 - 2 Stars
31:30 - 1 Star
37:30 - Other NOLA Thoughts
47:30 - Did You Know?
56:00 - The Dallas Series & Doncic
1:12:30 - Some Other Mavs Observations
1:32:00 - 7 Seconds Or Less

Players discussed: Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Cam Johnson, Devin Booker, Jae Crowder.

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A quick recap of all my Round One content…..

The Four Point Play
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