Vol.2, Iss.21: The NBA Finals Preview

The Suns are going big Buck hunting, searching for 4 more wins on the way to that elusive NBA title.


Time For The Big Dance…..

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Four More Wins…..

The Phoenix Suns are just four wins away from their first ever NBA title. Max and I jumped back on the mics, once we knew it was the Bucks that stood between the Suns and that debut ring. We discuss the NBA Finals matchup amidst our regular podcast format, covering all the big and little questions for the upcoming series.

04:00 - Quick Recap 
08:30 - The Tale Of The Tape
17:00 - How Do We Guard The Bucks?
32:00 - How Do They Guard Us?
44:30 - Did You Know?
51:30 - Max’s Hall Of Fame Quiz
57:00 - Suns X Factors
1:00:00 - The Suns Edge When It Counts
1:06:00 - Looking At The Benches & Coaches
1:14:00 - Deandre Ayton & Destiny Against Giannis

1:23:00 - 7 Seconds Or Less 

Players discussed: Devin BookerChris PaulJae CrowderMikal BridgesDeandre AytonCam PayneDario SaricCam JohnsonTorrey Craig

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