The Four Point Play
Seven Seconds Or Less
Vol.3, Iss.12: The Full Monty Episode

Vol.3, Iss.12: The Full Monty Episode

There isn't enough said about Coach Williams & his role in turning the Suns franchise around. So here's a whole podcast!

Hello There…..

I know it’s been a little while, so I felt I owed you a special Newsletter to make up for the delay. Regular subscribers will know that I try limit publishing new Issues to when I feel passionate enough about a topic that is unique to what might have already been covered elsewhere. And in my opinion, this one is no exception. If you are new here and/or the podcast dragged you in, feel free to check out some of my written film content & hit that little button below if you dare!

This One’s On Monty…..

WD > WS - My favourite Montyism.

“Well done is better than well said!”

But when it comes to this Newsletter, some topics are better said instead of written. Discussing Monty Williams is one of those. A topic that is criminally under-discussed in my opinion. So I linked up with my ol’ podcast pal, Max, dusted off the mic & went The Full Monty.

A giant podcast that gave us both the opportunity to delve into the beauty of Monty’s coaching on & off the court, while also looking through his lenses at the upcoming challenges on the horizon.

03:30 - Recap/News
11:00 - The Past (Discussing Chris Paul & Deandre Ayton)
32:00 - The Present - Offense (Discussing Mikal Bridges & Cam Payne)
43:30 - The Present - Defense (Discussing Devin Booker & Jae Crowder)
59:00 - Did You Know?
1:07:00 - The Future (Discussing Johnson, Craig, Biyombo, McGee & Shamet)
1:24:00 - 7 Seconds Or Less 

You can listen to the pod in the media player above, which also has a feature to add it to your regular podcast player - if you open this Newsletter on your phone. 

If you’d rather listen on YouTube…..


I know the Newsletter has been quiet recently but I’ve still been busy elsewhere when possible. ICYMI - below is a recap of recent content since the last Issue…..


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