Vol.2, Iss.17: Suns In Two - Part One

The Suns are Western Conference Finals bound but not without some drama. We are going to need 2 parts for this 1 mega podcast.


And We’re Back…..

Thanks to the continued success of our Phoenix Suns, I get to keep pumping out more Playoff content. There has been a number of new subscribers jump on board in recent weeks, so I just wanted to take the time to thank those of you who might be reading/listening for the first time. And of course, to all of you Day 1’s - thanks for the constant support! If you aren’t in either camp, you likely need to hit that button below.

Suns In 4, 3, 2, 1…..

Originally, Max and I planned to do the usual Playoff Podcast format of reviewing the last series and previewing the next. But with the Suns sweeping, CP3 getting COVID and the Suns opponent still not yet decided - we decided to instead do one GIANT 7SOL episode over two parts. First up, we take a look back at the Nuggets series + a quick recap on where things stand with Chris Paul.

04:30 - Recap Of The Series
10:00 - Chris Paul News
14:00 - 5 Stars 
25:15 - 4 Stars
41:00 - 3 Stars
49:00 - 2 Stars 
55:00 - 1 Star
1:03:15 - Did You Know?
1:11:00 - Other Denver Thoughts
1:26:00 - Top 5 Moments Of The Series

Players discussed: Devin BookerChris PaulJae CrowderMikal BridgesDeandre AytonCam PayneDario SaricCam Johnson, Torrey Craig.

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Just like last time, below is a summary of the rest of the content I put out during the Suns vs Nuggets series. Just in case you missed any of it.


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