Vol.2, Iss.9: Is It Safe To Say The P Word?


Half Down, Half To Go…..

The first half of the season is in the books and every Suns fan would have to be pleased with the results so far. The current success has meant lots of eyes on this Newsletter and I have to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read, shared or joined since the start of the season. Phoenix’s fast start has also meant the priorities for the back half of the season have really changed.

So, It’s Time To Talk Playoffs…..

The Suns are currently 24-11 and I decided to jump back on the mics with my good friend Max, to discuss the first half of the season. But there’s a catch!

We don’t record quite as often as we used to, so rather than just recap the season so far we decided to do something different. And scary! So without further ado, I present to you PHOENIX PLAYOFF DISCUSSION ahhhhhhhhh.

04:10 - Recap Of Results So Far
06:40 - Impromptu Chris Paul Discussion
16:50 - Tier 1 Of West Teams
30:30 - Tier 2 Of West Teams
47:30 - Did You Know
54:20 - The Danger Team
1:13:30 - Tier 3 Of West Teams
1:31:30 - 7 Seconds Or Less

Players discussed: Cam Johnson, Cam Payne, Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, Devin Booker, Frank Kaminsky, Jae Crowder, Mikal Bridges.

You can listen to the pod in the media player above, which also has a feature to add it to your regular podcast player - if you open this Newsletter on your phone.

If you’d rather listen on YouTube…..


Given this is a halfway Issue of sorts, I wanted to take the time to shout out many of the great folks creating amazing Suns content this season…..


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