Dec 6, 2021 • 1HR 43M

Vol.3, Iss.7: A Quarter For Our Thoughts

With 23 games now in the vault, there's no better time to talk about the Suns season so far. And with so much to cover, it was time to jump back on the microphones.

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We’re Back…..

And in pod form! With a quarter of the season complete & the winning streak coming to an end, it’s a good time to recap the Suns season to date. Whether you are a first time visitor or coming back for more, if you haven’t yet subscribed - I’d love it if you could show your support by hitting that little button directly below!

Crank The Volume…..

The Phoenix Suns have certainly been making some noise this season, so it was time I made a little of my own. Max & I dusted off the mics again, so we could go much more in depth than I generally can in written form. A certain bonus for you, as you don’t have to read all of the words! Instead, just sit back, relax & hopefully you will enjoy our review of the season so far.

03:00 - Recap/News
06:00 - The GSW Games
19:00 - Covering For Devin Booker
31:45 - Who Is The Real Deandre Ayton?

43:50 - Unexpected JaVale McGee Discussion
54:15 - Mikal Bridges Getting His Flowers

1:06:00 - Did You Know?
1:14:00 - Sixth Man Chat Payne, Johnson or Shamet?
1:21:00 - Are We Where We Need To Be?
1:32:00 - 7 Seconds Or Less 

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