On the eve of Season 21/22, let's take a deeper look at the Suns pet set play & the many wrinkles Monty Williams has worked in.
Vol.3, Iss.3: The Off-Season Wrap Up Listen now (105 min) | Reviewing the Suns off-season to date, while previewing what might still be to come.
It may not be time to judge the Suns off-season just yet. Or quite possibly, even any time soon.
How Paul & Phoenix might use a loophole which Chris helped create, in order to reach an agreement that is best for both parties. Plus - what it could m…
With no time to relax, let's take a look at all the off-season questions for the Suns & what options they have available to them.
The Phoenix Suns can beat you in numerous ways. A look at how Game 1 forced a different defensive look in Game 2 but a similar result.
Back in February, the Suns backcourt clicked for the first time against the Bucks. Let's take a look at how Game 1 of the NBA Finals felt like déjà vu.
Vol.2, Iss.21: The NBA Finals Preview Listen now (93 min) | The Suns are going big Buck hunting, searching for 4 more wins on the way to that elusive NBA title.
Vol.2, Iss.20: NBA Finals Bound Listen now (95 min) | The Phoenix Suns are on their way to the NBA Finals & this podcast is all about how they got there!
An incredible Playoffs so far was rewarded with an unforgettable game clinching moment, in what can only be described as Ayton's career best game.
Vol.2, Iss.18: Suns In Two - Part TwoListen now (85 min) | With the Suns opponent finally decided, here is the second half of this mega episode covering Phoenix's Western Conference Finals…
Vol.2, Iss.17: Suns In Two - Part OneListen now (92 min) | The Suns are Western Conference Finals bound but not without some drama. We are going to need 2 parts for this 1 mega podcast.